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President’s Message – By Sheila Bowen

The California CattleWomen is an organization built on the strength, foresight, and dedication of past and present CattleWomen members. Thanks to the vision of ranch women in the 1950’s we have a state organization that is dedicated to beef promotion, education, and youth development.

Building on that strong foundation, and drawing on the collective strength of our local units, California CattleWomen is able to accomplish a great deal. “Building on Strength,” will be the motto for CCW for the next two years. This organization has afforded me the opportunity to meet some very fine women who care deeply about the future of ranching and our children. They have dedicated a tremendous amount of volunteer hours to promote and educate the public about the cattle ranching community and about the nutritious aspects of beef.

Recently I sat down to compile a comprehensive list of what CattleWomen in our state have accomplished since May 1, 2014. This list filled nineteen pages and doesn’t even include our winter and spring activities!!! We have until April 30th to complete this list and submit it as part of a contest that ANCW is sponsoring among the state affiliates. The WIGGY contest offers a Powder River calf chute to the winning state. Part of the contest is to increase state and ANCW membership by 1%. With the help of local units we will meet our goals. Thank you for submitting your activity reports and your end of the year Roundup Reports. Our list of accomplishments was compiled with the help of these sources of information.

We have a great team of ladies for the two years ahead of us. The list of officers, directors, and chairwomen can be found on our website, cattlewomen.org. Please visit the site often and “LIKE US” on Facebook. We will be sharing lots of current happenings in the CattleWomen World on both of these internet sites.


When CCW began in 1951, Helen Carver of Kern County was the first CCW president, and there were 58 founding members. In 2014 we were up to 1,943 members. If every unit has a net gain of two new members this year, we could be a state organization with over two thousand CattleWomen members!!!


California CattleWomen has a new local unit. At the CCW State Convention last November, the Board of Directors voted to approve Mid Valley CowBelles as the 30th local unit in the state of California!!!! The Mid Valley Cowbelles takes in Merced County and the southern part of Stanislaus County. Welcome to the family ladies.


Melanie Fowle, a past CCW President from Siskiyou County, will take the reins as president of American National CattleWomen in February of 2015.  CattleWomen continue to be a force for good by promoting our nutritious product, and the ranching way of life. We do youth promotion in a big way. All of which benefit our communities and our nation. Thank you for the honor to serve as the CCW President for 2015 – 2016. We have our strength in numbers.  30 local units serving our communities is a force for good!

Stand Strong Ladies!

Meet your 2015-2016 CCW Officer team

2014, Nov 22 CCW Awards Bkft 050 (2)

2015-16 CCW Officers.  L-r Melody Lake, treasurer;  Paula Francis,
secretary; Cheryl Foster, 1st vp;  Sheila Bowen, president
Standing:  Leslie Joost, 2nd vp; Kathy Vignolo-Knight, northern director;
Anna Reed, 2nd vp;  Millie Krause, central director;  Susan Cochrane,
southern director;  not pictured:    Rebecca Been,  2nd vp;  Tammie
McElroy, parliamentarian.