The California CattleWomen have a long and proud history.
Created to promote the Beef Industry, women throughout the state have dedicated their time, energy and devotion to educate the public about beef.

Our Mission

Because California is the world leader in food production, the most productive agriculture region on earth and because; the production of Beef Cattle is California’s fifth largest commodity, we, the California CattleWomen will focus on promoting a better understanding to consumers as to where their food originates; the quality controls used towards its safety; the impact the Beef Industry has on the economy of California; and the overall, far-reaching contributions the Beef Industry has to society as a whole.

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Reporting Forms – 

Beef Promotion Report Form

Use Beef Promotion forms for events targeting the general public.  Examples would be Fair displays, World Ag Expo, Farm to Fork, nutrition aimed at persons over 18.

Ag in the Classroom Report Form

Use Ag in the Classroom reporting for organized, scheduled educational events targeting pre-school, elementary, Jr. High and High School, or college  students.  Event main focus is to educate groups of students from an school educational institution or group, such as 4-H or FFA.  Examples include:  Reading to students, in class beef/ranch presentations, community sponsored events designed to educate students about agriculture.


Due to COVID19, the WIRED training event has a new date.  The location in Yolo County is still the same and items covered will still be just as comprehensive and educational, check out the  WIRED AGENDA AND FLIER

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Memorial Scholarships

Providing youth ag scholarships to California students.