President’s Message

Meet California Cattlewomen President Julie Barnett

Sometimes, you have to wonder about the turns in life that land you where you are at a certain point in time.  I grew up in and around King City, California.  Surrounded by farming and ranching throughout my life led to pursuing my education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study Ag Business Management.  It was here that I realized I had a more than a passing passion for the livestock industry.

Do What You Love –

My first position after college was in the Central Valley working the agriculture segment in a large loan business lending office focused on dairy and cattle operation loans.  While working in this capacity I met my husband, Bill Barnett, who was beginning his career as a large herd dairy manager.  As my professional friends teased me about him, that he liked cows like I did, I declared that I had made a decision in college after making friends in the dairy industry that I would never marry a dairyman.  They work 24-7, 365 days a year.  I also learned to never say never.  God laughed at my foolishness.  Bill Barnett and I have been married for 33 years.  We have a daughter, Shannon, who works in marketing in the bovine health industry.

I am currently employed as Northern California Sales Manager for Virtus Nutrition, LLC, makers of by-pass fatty acid supplements for beef and dairy cattle.  I get to work with cattle and cattle producers every day.  There is never a bad day at work when you get to walk some cows. 

Becoming a Cattlewoman

Kern County Cattlewomen is my original “home” unit, where I joined Cattlewomen over 25 years ago.  Though I have moved from the area I am forever grateful for the women of that unit that saw something in me that I had yet to see in myself.  It shows the power of how a group of women that strive to include friends of the industry can have a big impact on a life and path of another.   While in Kern County Cattlewomen, I had the honor of serving as scholarship chairman, to learn about fund raising from some of the best, serving as VP, and was blessed by being selected as Cattlewoman of the Year in 2015. 

Since we moved north to Chowchilla CA, I attend meetings with the Madera County Cattlewomen and Fresno Kings County Cattlewomen. 

While serving in CCW state positions I have worked as Website Chairman (6 years)  and as 2nd VP. 

Goals as CCW President

As the incoming President of CCW I am deeply grateful to the heritage laid down by the founders and past leadership of this organization.  There is a strength and tenacity to forge ahead that allowed us to continue to move forward, even as a 100% volunteer organization, during this pandemic season.  As I write this, we are in the second stay in place order here in CA, yet we have forged new ground for us and conducted our second online meeting this past December. 

The gift to the CCW during this season was the time to step back and re-evaluate how we accomplish what we do and to look for ways to improve.  We have been expanding our communication tools, getting more resources into the hands of membership and ways to streamline workflows.  It has also allowed for us to look at ways to better support those who tirelessly work on behalf of the California Cattlewomen as state leaders, unit leaders and chairmen.  We have been evaluating how to better transitions between leadership teams and improve the ownership of organizational data by the CCW.  Hours of evaluation, learning phone calls, and conversations have happened during this time, all focused on bringing long term value to our membership.     

We would not be able to do any of this without continuing to build on the heritage we have been given.  The ability to widen the road for people with varied skills and ways of doing things requires a strong foundation.  The strongest value we have as Cattlewomen is that we know every member of every age and generation is key to the success of our mission – telling the great news about beef.  

It Takes a Great Team

CCW is blessed to have some incredibly talented and passionate women working for them this coming year.   Serving on the Executive Committee in 2021 are:   

1st Vice President – Jeri Roen 

                Parlimentarian – Callie Borror Martinez

2nd VP – Promotion – Tara Porterfield (term ends Dec 2021)

2nd VP – Media – Tischa Coffman

2nd  VP – Unit Information – Barbara O’Connell –

                Northern Director – Sharon Erickson

                Central Director – Doni Rosasco

                Southern Director – Christine Snyder

Treasurer – Heidy Carver

Secretary – Paula Francis

Beef – it is what’s for dinner

Throughout the years, my depth of passion for the beef industry and importance has continued to grow.  As the world searches for nutritious and sustainable protein for a growing population, sharing the good news about Beef has become more important to me than ever.  I truly believe that Beef is what’s for dinner.   I just hope you will serve a great cheese appetizer first, because after all, I am married to a dairyman. 

With My Deepest Respect and Regards,

President – Julie Barnett