Yes, CattleWomen Do Yoga – More from ANCW Summer Meeting

Yoga with about 30 women started the morning at 7 a.m. with Kim Doyle,  kim@

Our Focus Session was Youth Development at 8with Melanie Fowle, Vice
President presiding.  Our keynote speaker was Frank Hardin, Education &
Outreach program of Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.
Barbara Jacques recognized the Earth Day Tool Kits and the Reading in
Classrooms Tool Kits being used.  California had 460 teachers with 4,000
students.   Nebraska had 50 teachers with 960 students,  OK had 40 or 50
presentations for Earth Day.   6 names were drawn for gifts for their
teachers class rooms.   $100 to Kelly Metscher, Laura Gilly, Joan
Soloemgsyky, Sylvia Bagly, Barbara Russo, and $500 to Frances Gardner.
Sorry, didn’t get home states.   BIG THING IS TO REPORT  NUMBERS.
I attended NBA instead of Membership or Beef Education & Curriculum.  The
Beef Ambassadors had attended  many events during the year.   Right now they
are the New York State Fair.   I had opportunity to attend when we had the
Irr. Gr. Beef project for ANCW.   What a great experience!!!  That was a
real state fair!!!

All Tech-iHigh tech for live stream of the contest this year.   More
information will come on how you can watch it, from Springdale, AR, Sept.
28th.   Great sponsors for this year, but don’t want to miss someone.
They need 36 to 40 cattlewomen volunteers for the AR contest.  Key contest
changes in 2014 will be:  Juniors have the same format as Seniors in
Response.   Social Media will have score sheet the same for the three
things.   Personal interview will have same questions.
Perhaps the Juniors will be recognized as a Team, instead of  1-2-3.
5 new states will have a Beef Ambassador contestant.    It was suggested to
leverage the Beef Ambassador competition to their peers.  Have the BA tell
what they do, using word of mouth.
No state volunteered to host the next year competition,  msc to have it in
Denver.Legislation was our Focus Session at 10:30 a.m. with Kristina Butts.

Legislation was our Focus Session at 10:30 a.m. with Kristina Butts.
Kristina needs your Personal Stories.   I thought she wanted stories about
the death tax and what it did to your farm , but as you can see from the
separate email sent earlier,  she needs YOU!!!  She wanted 100 and so far
she has 8.  She had a hand-out about the Path to the Farm Bill, with a time line.   Last
year everything expired, and it was renewed for one year.  There is no
funding for disaster programs, been gone 2 years, and drought has been
everywhere.   The grass roots had clout in Senate, but House floor fell
apart on nutrition benefits.  We still want a 5 year Farm Bill, so NCBA will
push for it.  See your representative and urge them to support it.   Farm
Bill will include nutrition because of city votes supporting it.

The PAC (political action committee) is important.  Cattle Women can help
engage in discussions,  April 8 – 10, 2014 in Washington, DC.
In the Legislative Committee, the ANCW Resolutions were updated.  The old
resolutions had “where as”  , and new resolutions has the policy itself
without where as and is more specific.

Remove Natural from Disaster relief, since some is man-made floods, etc.

In Livestock processing it mentions livestock, not beef so it could be
used for horse slaughter.

Beef safety, we support the use of PeerReviewed sound science to support
reasonable regulations.

Federal lands remove sustainable and replace with viable.

MSC to accept ANCW Resolution suggestions.   These resolutions are national

WHEN KRISTINA ASKS FOR HELP—- She is needing help!!!

You received the “Collection of ANCW Personal Stories” questionair in
yesterday’s email.      Please return to Kristina Butts,
Presidents Council was after lunch.  It will be Rest of story # 4.

Jean Barton
August 7, 2013