Notes from the Summer ANCW Meeting

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Opening session, ANCW President Barbara Jackson presiding, and 14 new attendees were recognized.  Introduced were the ANCW Interns, (helping make the meetings go smoothly), were Malorie Bankhead, recent graduate Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Katelyn Brockus, a graduate of Kansas State, and graduate student at Mississippi State.

Recognized were Lisa Dorschner,,  recovered from a stroke and Sue Krentz,,  recovered from injuries caused by drunk driver.  Good to see both members, once again.

Also recognized were staff, officers, committee chairs.

Michelle Peterson Murray, NCBA’s executive director, Food & Nutrition Communications introduced “Millennials, Millennials, Millennials” , the new generation of beef consumers.

You have received the E-news with information about Moms, Millennials and More-

During summer conference, the ANCW Executive Committee, ANCW Board of Directors and the Taste, Value, Convenience and Beef’s Image Joint CBB and Federation committees voted to approve ANCW’s new Moms, Millennials and More program to move on to the Operating Committee for their approval for Beef Checkoff funding in September.  This program includes several opportunities for CattleWomen to engage in beef promotion and education events.  Events will include “Moms Day on the Farm” events, Campus events, Retail demonstration events, social media outreach activities, and much more.

The goals for ANCW-

a)     Consider how you fit with our new M3 program

b)    Build Collegiate and Junior CattleWomen

c)     Social media


a)      Grow membership.


“No one is busy in this world, it’s about priorities”.

As Temple Grandin said “Just do something for your industry.”

Past presidents present at mid-year: Susie Magnuson, Kristy Lage, Fita Witte, Patti Townsend, Tammi Didlot.

Focus Session – Beef Promotion with Michele Murray, NCBA Food & Nutrition Communications and Carly Millspauch, NCBA Public Relations brought us the Millennials.  Need to rethink the printed materials, pictures instead of text.   Videos of 15 to 30 seconds because of short attention span.

We need CattleWomen blogs,  going online with beef promotion and education.

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook.

Our goals between Oct. 2013 and Sept. 2014 are:

Face to Face – 400 stores;   Moms Day on Farm ( 10),  Campus (5), and 2 metro cooking shows.

Online:  Twitter (4 chats) next is Aug. 29th;  Pinterest,  Instagram, YouTube, Blogging.

Youth:  1-12 curriculum research,  National Beef Ambassador.


Tell ANCW – (Sarah) what you want to do to help meet our goals.


With the new AR, the focus for National Beef Speakers Bureau will be to have the 3 classses train their local women.  Their goal is 10,000 people reached this year.


The Tool Kits use is important, and please do the survey.   Currently there are 6 Tool Kits available.  Go to ANCW, and  ANCWmember, and password cowbelle.


I am a NBCO state team member and attended the NBCO workshop, plus the committee meeting, therefore I missed Consumer Promotion and Education, plus Budget, Funding Development, and Foundation.  Can’t tell you about them.


We are excited about the Metropolitan Cooking Show in Washington , DC, Nov.2 -3, 2013.   The volunteers will meet the night of Nov. 1st to get our shirts and ball cap.   We are to wear black slacks, comfortable shoes with our bistro shirts.


Fita Witte needs time of our flights.  Her assignment is Organize volunteers & Event jobs.


Kasey Wallace – Booth Activity and Information Coordination.   Getting people to sign waiver for video interviews, Engaging consumer, using social media, ie: twitter, instagram to their own accounts,  hash tag,   putting consumers in for drawings.   Need a cool backdrop.


Kristy Lage – Lead generation coordinator.     One on one engagement with consumers and send them information.  Have 300 now signed up.   Need meat thermometers for prizes, at Know your Beef Game.


Evelyn Brown – Recipe Demonstration co-ordinator.   There are 20 spots for cattlewomen to do demonstrations on stage with chef.


Brenda Brookshire – Recipe sampling.   There are 20 recipes to be sampled from the regional and grand prize winners.   A caterer will prepare the recipes, but Brenda needs 9 cattlewomen at a time.  1 to clean, 2 to talk to consumers, and 6 to give out samples.


Communications   Committee – 7 – 8 p.m.  Chrm. Marie Pyeatt had 28 attending.

Desta Crawford will have Pinterest Tool Kit available;  Stacylynn Snyder from Pa volunteered to be manager.


Please get articles in on time.  It takes one month from article deadline to mailing.


E-News comes out when its happening.

Website – Desta would like suggestions for website.  A photo gallery is not possible.

Social media – Instagram, you need a smart phone.

Melissa Laurent  furnished this:

Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Here are some of the more basic and helpful guides and tips for Instagram that Melissa has found: instgram/ -beginners/

This one is a short 3 minute video: htt://


Vine is the new hot thing for kids, Vine loads to all other, Vine takes 1 phone, not droid.  (I had never heard of Vine, until then.)


Moms on Farm – Mothers Day.  Tool kit for this.  Assign a person at each event.


To save money, it was recommended that we give members an option to receive newsletter via email, instead of printed.


Presidents, your state reports are due in ANCW office by Dec. 31st.  Keep reports  within 300 – 500 words.

Jean Barton
August 6, 2013