CCW at ANCW in Tampa Bay, Florida Parts 4 & 5

Wed. Feb 6 – Board of Directors, sponsored by Bayer Animal Health. Gwen Geis, Gillette, WY presiding.

They  approved: Emergency By-Law, Page 5, Article V, Section 3,A   3. In the specific case where no one meets the current bylaws requirements for eligibility has applied for the Vice-President office by January 1st of the new year – then the requirements for Vice-President will be modified to:

The Vice-President shall have  a. served at least one (1) year as a member on the Executive Committee, either past or present,  b.  or have served as an ANCW Committee –chair–  member for at least two (2) years, c. or have served as a Member-At-Large on the ANCW Board of Directors and completed a —three—(3)—one (1) year term.

These”modified’ requirements are only for the above described specific situation.  Subsequent numbering under this section would change once this addition is made. (In an earlier “rest of story” I did not have the wording correct.)

Also approved Funding Development chair will serve on Budget Comm; the ANCW Foundation by-laws change;   Lifetime membership of $ 1,000;  Honorary membership;  Beef Educ. The Tri-annual email to new members and teachers database, including lesson plans, photos, fun facts.   Earth Day has plans, need 25 teachers packets per state.  The three changes for National Beef Ambassador competition.  Communications, task force for website update; tool kit for incoming state presidents, via video, etc.   Presentations of bullet points of speakers at convention.  Animal Well Being committee is removed from National Speakers Bureau.

New Business: Barbara Jackson announced that Z-Tags in 2013 gave $ 25,000 for the President’s Fund.  2013 Bd of Directors chair Gwen Geis, and vice-chair is Anne Wirtz, Brenham, TX.

Executive Director Sarah Bohnenkamp stated that it is a tight year financially for ANCW and the Checkoff funded programs.

Opening Session.  I was thrilled when Rossie Blimson, our past NBA sang the National Anthem like it should be sung.   NCBA president JDAlexander and CBB chair Wesley Grau presided.   Wesley asked if JD knew the difference between a cowboy and a cattleman.  “A cowboy has buckle big enough to cover his belly. A cattleman has a belly big enough to cover his buckle.”

Jim Putman, elected Commissioner of Ag, said FL has 500 years of ag, the Spanish explorers brought cattle to FL.  1949, they passed the fence law.  62 million pounds of beef to Outback Steak House a year.   “Buy a condo – never lower price. Calves are high, Don’t let Uncle Sam take it from you.”  Many cattle between Disney World and Cape Canaveral.

An interesting video about Cracker Cattle.

I was proud of our ANCW President Tammi Didlot as she gave her speech.  Busy trying to take pictures, and didn’t write down her words.  Disappointed in the “keynote” speakers and that is enough said and written.

The Flavor of Florida Welcome Reception in the Trade Show was great. The tasty Florida favorites were delicious!!!  The program stated: “This party will feature great food, great fun and a great start to the convention.”  True!!!!  Live music; free beer in sponsor booths; (wine too, since I don’t care for beer). Free food sponsored by Certified Angus Beef, and it too, was delicious.

Our AG Book Boutique booth in the trade show was sponsored by Southern Ag Credit, Joe Hayman, 402 W Parkway Place, Ridgeland, MS 39157.  Very attractive, and I believe that RFD-TV interviewed the ladies.  You need to know the cost to Southern Ag Credit, and write them a thank you.   $ 12,000 for a 20×20 ft booth; $ 1,600 for the carpet. $ 600 for forklift call, and they weigh what they left and charge per lb.   $ 160 to plug in an outlet, since you can’t do that yourself.

Thurs. Feb. 7, 2013 General Session 2.   Weldon Wynn, v-ch CBB and  Scott George, vp NCBA presided.  Stuart Varney, “Plain Talk on the Economy” was the keynote speaker, and he was thought provoking. Opening words were “I can tell you are Fox News viewers”.  We live in extraordinary times, a few years ago the news was slower; now it is one grabbing story after another.   “You can’t predict what is happening.”

The panic of 2008, started 9/18/08. Bruce Bent was ordered back to US, the Money Market was a parking lot for money.  Putman group funds froze too. $700billion needed to avert disaster, House said “no”.  Oct. 2, 20008 here come the money. Dow lost 18% in 1 week.  Europeans held meeting, had
rescue package of own, 2 trillion Euro’s.  Oct. 13, 13 leading bankers made to sign “the panic over”.

The established print media never said “We want free markets” and portrayed capitalist with black eye.  Policy: stimulus program – spend money, bailouts, regulation failed, so nationalism is taking over – huge bureaucracy – drilling regulatory- lost 8 million jobs – the housing – debt skyrocketed, “Can trace it all back to the panic”

Media stirred the anger.  Vin Scully landed plane on river in NYC.  Wash. DC honored him till they found he was Republican, then he was a bird killer.

No jobs- massive rise in debt – We are going European – had freedom, no ceiling- not here anymore, because we are pushed around.  It isn’t American.

“I want from you —-    a loud round of applause”.


ANCW, Feb 7, 2013 Rest of the story # 5

At 12 noon we had the General Membership meeting presided over by Tammi Didlot, sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC.  There was a slide show of past ANCB – ANCW presidents portraits with the year they served before start of meeting.  Delighted to have Scott George, incoming NCBA president say a few words, and Bob Drake, our Bd of Director NCBA representative add his comments.  They were great as always.

Past presidents introduced were Nancy Forth, OR; Vicki Wilkinson, AZ; Patti Townsend, NM-ok; Susie Magnuson, CO; Nancy Stirling-Neuhauser, SD; Fita Witte, NM; Wendy Pettz, AR; Kristy Lage, NE; Lana Slaten, AL; Jill Ginn, TX; Marlene Strickland, FL.

Craig Shackelford,USDA announced the intern for 2013 will be John Weber, past National Beef Ambassador. ANCW and USDA have enjoyed this partnership offering an internship since 2006.

Bonnie West was recognized as leaving ANCW and recognized for her years of service, but we still will keep her around. (Her husband has retired, and they are now able to travel.  Bonnie looked great, and I accused her of having a facelift, she looked so good.)

Our Sponsors were recognized: Z Tags, Stephanie Mareio & Stu Mars, 3800 N Central Suite 850; Phoeniz AZ 9=85012 – ANCW headqts and 2013 Presidential sponsor of $ 25,000; plus 300 custom eartags per state.

Purina Animal Health, LLC, Rod Nulik, 100 Danforth Drive, Gray Summit, MO 63039-  CattleWoman of the Year sponsor.

Moly Manufacturing, Pat & Jon Mollhagen, 2435 10th Road, Lorraine KS 67459   -Collegiate Reception/Career Fair & Scholarship sponsor.

Bayer Animal Health, Todd Firkins, 12809 Shawness Mission Pkwy; Shawnee, KS 66216 – Board of Directors Meeting sponsor.

Pioneer Hi Bred International, Kerry Hoffscheider, 8100 South 15th, Lincoln, NE 68512  –  President’s Council sponsor.

Southern Ag Credit, Joe Hayman, 402 W Parkway Place, Ridgeland, MS 39157 –  AG Book Boutique sponsor.

Arizona Cattle Growers’ Assn; Arizona Cattle Feeders’ Assn; Arizona State CowBelles- Barbara Jackson’s president’s reception.

Volunteers were recognized. Sorry if I missed someone, as Marie Pyeatt said, a handout would be a help in not missing someone.

USFRA’s Farm – Andrea Hutchison, OK – Janna Stubbs, TX –Kristy Lage –CBB   —  2012, National Beef Speakers Bureau members:Malorie Bankhead, CA; Bonnie Bargstedt, NY; Tevarhee Brackin, OK;  Faustine Curry, TX; Doreen Gillespie, MT; Andrea Hutchison, OK; Barbara Jackson, AZ; Jeannie Kiehn, WA; Susan Magnuson, CO; Tammie McElroy, CA;  Kelly McGarva, OR; Suzanne Menges, AZ; Sidney Merkley, NV;  Melodi Molt, OR; Mindy Patterson, MO; Calli Pritchard, SD;  Cari Rincker, NY;  Jeanene Russo, WA; Jennifer Scharpe, MN, and Joanne Stanko, CO.

Never got the names of Outstanding Beef Promotion efforts with reports turned in.

Collegiate members were recognized: Kansas, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Auburn, Texas A & M, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, Oregon, Texas Tech.

Sarah Bohnenkamp, ANCW Exec. Director presented future goals and accomplishments.   Three areas of focus: Legislation, Youth Development, Beef Promotion.

EASE – Engage in dynamic beef story.  Acknowledge. Share. Earn trust.

Tell your story, words matter, be prepared for tough questions, tools, and take ownership.  Keep Calm and Eat Beef.

The Credentials committee reported 76 ANCW, 16 Board of Directors, 13 Executive Board, 26 Collgiate, and 48 guests for a total of 179.

Required voting actions:  Approved the following.

Emergency By-laws change,  Lifetime membership, Funding Development to Budget Comm; Animal Well Being  a separate committee.

Budget – Bonita Laske, OK

Nominating Committee – Jana Stubbs, TX,    Becca Latach, OK

ANCW Foundation – Kristy Lage, NE president. Voted for 5 trustees instead of three.   Added: Faustine Curry, TX and Susie Magnuson, CO.

Elected Barbara Jackson president, Patti Buck president-elect, Melanie Fowle vice president, and Ashley Hughes to Board of Directors for 3 year term.

The 179 people in the room had a vote since it was the ANCW General Meeting, and I believe many did not understand what was proposed, when regions would be adjusted, and drop Region VII.   After motions were made and ammendments were added, the vote failed.

The Regional Directors were introduced: Region I – Ann Nogan, Pa;   II – Michele Boyles, NC;  III – Penny Zimmerman, MN; IV – Desta Crawford, TX;  V – Peggy Biaggi, OR;  VI – Suzanne Menges, AZ; VII – Judy Reece, NE.

The evening concluded with Susie Magnuson, Colorado being named Outstanding CattleWoman of the Year.  A well deserved honor, and congratulations.

Barbara Jackson was honored as ANCW President, and Mary Beth Groseta presented her with a beautiful brand quilt on behalf of all the friends whose brands were embroidered on the quilt. She introduced her husband Tim, and the family. Thanks to the evening sponsors.

And then we adjourned to the Gasparilla Pirate Fest, with plenty of grog and local eats, and Caribbean music.

Glad I was in Florida for the annual meeting.  “A New Generation” is the theme for the coming year.  Jean Barton