Ag Day at the Capital – Beef was a favorite!

by Jean Barton
California Cattlemen had their annual Legislative Breakfast at the historic
Sutter Club near the Capitol with about 50 Assemblymen and Senators
attending the New York Steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns with assorted
pastries, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee breakfast.
The CCA members came from the Oregon border to Imperial County on the
Mexican border.  They had been in Sacramento for the Spring Board of
Directors meeting the previous day, with David Daley, Butte Co; as CCA
President.  Western straw hats are a traditional gift to the guests from the
Capitol, including the various government agencies.
Fiona Ma, CPA,  Board Member, Board of Equalization and John Chiang,
California State Treasurer were speakers.  Speaking for the  Assembly, was
Jim  Cooper, who sponsored AB 243, which establishes the CA Beef Research,
Promotion and Education Comission.  Senator Cathleen Galgiani, from Modesto
also spoke.
Our fellow Tehama County Cattlemen,  Justin Niesen of Western Video Market ,
Jared Kerr, general manager of Bengard Ranches , and Cheryl Foster, CCW
President from Siskiyou Co. visited Senator Jim Nielsen, Assemblyman Brian
Dahle, Senator Ted Gaines and Assemblyman James Gallagher with other
ranchers from Northern California as a group, following breakfast.
March 22nd was also Ag Day at the Capitol when CCA and California
CattleWomen have a booth on the West lawn of the State Capitol. 
Each year CA Department of Food and Agriculture along with CA Women for Ag
(CWA) sponsor this event.  CA Ag Day 2017 was part of a National Ag Day
campaign to bring together a variety of agriculture growers, producers, and
processors for the public to learn about California agriculture.  When the
event opens, elected officials and their staff tour the booths from 10:30 to
11:30 a.m.  The event is open to the public from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
Many of our Agricultural industries are represented at this event, such as
milk since I saw people enjoying chocolate milk.  CWA had Buttercup, a life
size, fiberglass cow used as an educational tool.  She comes with a working
udder with teats visitors can squeeze to get the effect of milking a cow.
People were carrying bouquets from the floral industry, and exhibits from
the wool growers, beekeepers, rice growers, pork, poultry, and the fairs,
with live animals. 
Irene Fuller and I joined California CattleWomen Camille Borba, chairman of
the CCA/CCW booth,  with Melanie Fowle, Siskiyou Co;  Candy Peterson, Mid
Valley CowBelles,  Ashley Morosky, Amador/El Dorardo/Sacramento, and
Northern California Beef Ambassador Adam Blalock from Shasta County.
They were just concluding making 500 packets of beef information for the
consumer with materials furnished by the California Beef Council.  It
included Thirty Meals in 30 Minutes, and inside was Beef from Pasture to
Plate,  Confident Cooking with Beef, and Beef & Wine Pairing.  For the many
grammar school children there was an activity booklet “Beefman”.  Three
hours later, the only thing left was bumper stickers “Beef, It’s What’s For
Dinner” and “Eat Beef, The West Wasn’t Won on Salad.”
The favorite of many people, young children and men/ women in business
/professional clothing, was the tri tip sliders.  They remembered them from
last  year.
Buckhorn Grill in Sacramento had grilled 360 pounds of Certified Angus Beef
tri tip after removing all but a quarter inch of fat covering the meat.
Then Jared, Orlando and Phillip came to cut and serve the beef.
It was an incredible production.    Within two hours 1,800 pieces of bread
with the tri tip was gone.  Then for the next half hour  Orlando and
Phillip sliced the beef and  Jared placed 2 slices of beef on the plates
Melanie and Irene had placed on the table edge.  We had used 2,750 plates
for the beef sliders and slices. ( My job was pictures and tell the story.)
All of the Sacramento television stations were present with their large
cameras, while many adults and children were using their cell phones. 
Several years ago a cattleman member of CCA was able to secure the Sutter
Club for the prestigious Legislative Breakfast.  Most of California’s
governors have belonged to the Sutter Club and have entertained friends and
colleagues in the two buildings over the last century.
The Sutter Club was founded in January of 1889, after months of discussions
and planning by the city’s commercial, agricultural, governmental and social
leaders.  Nineteen months later the first rooms of the Sutter Club were
formally opened in the “old pink building”, the California State Bank at
Fourth and J Streets.  Those were the days of dirt streets, no air
conditioning and total city population of around 25,000. 
Many of the city’s leading businesses and legal firms were started by early
members of the Sutter Club.  Those companies and firms still thrive and have
contributed two, three and four generations of members to the Sutter club. 
In 1930 the present home of the Sutter Club was completed and opened for
The grace and dignity of the building has continued for eight decades.  The
special ambiance of the Sutter Club is still strong in its second century of
existence.  The Club survived the Depression, two World Wars and the
turbulent sixties.
Thank you to Camilla Borba for a great job organizing this event!