CCW At ANCW – Rest of the Story Tampa Bay Parts 2 & 3

The rest of the story of Opening Day at Tampa Bay, Feb. 5th,  2013, with ANCW president Tammi Didlot presiding.  Past presidents in the room included: Marlene Strickland, Vicki Wilkinson, Patti Townsend, Susie Magnuson, Fita Witte, Nancy Stirling-Neuhauser, Wendy Pettz,  Kristy Lage, Jill Ginn. Later:  Nancy Forth, Lana Slaten.
EGGS – E – Engage yourself, tell your story, engage in legislation.
              G – Get creative; make it interesting, show passion & excitement.
              G – Gain deep credibility; share the whole story.
              S –  Share success stories from the other states; turn in activity reports.
Encourage others to get involved in ANCW.  We are on same team. Share positive stories.
Areas of focus will be Legislation, Youth Education and Promotion, with Membership the key.  Many members do not renew their membership.
Share the Activity Reports in your state and with ANCW.  What we do at county level is important!!!   The value of volunteers is important.  They are the educational, promotion and marketing arm of ANCW.
Barbara Jackson presented ANCW president Tammi Didlot a silver/gold belt buckle and belt on behalf of the executive board.
Break.. New this year was when we got to hear from each of the committees in the breakout sessions. First was Beef Promotion Breakout.
National Beef Cook-Off with Sherry Hill and Evelyn Brown.  NBCO is funded by the Beef Checkoff and led by ANCW.
This year we have two sponsorships of $ 15,000 each.  CA Avocado Commission will be a big feature of beef and avocados.  There will be a media luncheon in NYC with avocado and beef recipes.
Our other sponsor is the U.S. Potato Board, with three activities to influence dieticians, health influencers, attend Metro show, and a blogger conference.
The theme is Making the Most of my Plate, with 4 categories.
Belt tightening- healthy, great taste
Semi-homemade – fresh beef & veg. and prepackaged ingredient
Real world – easy beef & potato recipes with international flavors
Fresh beef & avocado – the CA cruisine
So far they have rec. 100 recipes. We are using social media, 3 times a week on facebook.  PLEASE SHARE. LIKE IS GOOD, BUT NEED SHARE.
Telling the Beef Story – Sarah  Bohnenkamp,  10,141 were told story in 2012 by volunteers in The National Speakers Bureau.  513 hours, with value of     $ 11,802.55. These 10,000 were done 10 or 25 at a time.
Lead with Nutrition ,  ZIP  (zinc, iron, protein), Todays beef is different –leaner.
BOLD Research, Beef compared to other protein, Name that lean cut.
Remember – “Look for Lean – loin & round = lean.”
We care for our animals and are dedicated to safe & humane animal handling.
There are Beef Tool Kits on ANCW web page.
-Beef for Fathers Day
-Beef Story FFA Career Development Environment
-5 K races
– Among Friends – Tupperware party for beef.
Farmers Fight Program – Jasmine Dillon & Victoria Pilger, Texas A&M,
They have a Youtube – Farmers Fight Stand Up, which rec. a standing ovation from the room.
Facebook –
“It’s time to get the 4-11 on ag”. Have to be on- going.  Hope to get it in every school, before earth day.”  (I think there will be a conference at Texas A&M on April 11th).
We then broke up into Beef Educ; Beef Promo; and NBCO.
 I attended NBCO. Important.  We need to demonstrate the value of our new Beef Cookoff program to our state Beef Councils.   We need Beef Councils to help promote NBCO with meat case information.    Ask your Beef Council how we can promote beef together.  Did they receive the point of sale shelf materials?  Can we help distribute?
We need all cattlewomen to Like the NBCO posts, but definitely share on Facebook.
November 9 – 10, in Washington DC, at the Metropolitan Women’s Show our 2013 NBCO winner will be announced.
Broke for lunch.
The room was half filled after lunch, when ANCW Youth Development Breakout was held.  “Elementary Beef Education Best Practices” by Rebecca Been, woke us up with her suggestions and energy.  Rebecca will be 2013 Beef Education & Curriculum chair.
Everything she talked about is on the web, her email is  Little kids are right age for education in the classroom.  She started by offering us a plate of grass, then a miniature bale of hay, and then some beef jerky.  Her goal was to grab the kids and our attention.
Wear your daily ranch gear, since that gets the kids attention.  You remember Zachary and his cowboy clothes in Orlando.
K-3 grades can listen to a story, and that is accepted by state standards.  PE is another way to get in schools, because you can round up cattle (balloons) on stick horses, or do team sorting finding the balloons with the same brand on them.  (suggested brand is b and B, so they learn the difference between that and d and D.)
March 2nd is Dr Suess “Read Across America”, and schools are receptive to readers that week.  Great books to share: Someday Rider – Papa’s Room, Why Cowboys Sleep with their Boots On, I want to be a Cowboy.
Loved this suggestion: “Kids all want to share stories, esp. with someone new. Try letting everyone get involved by using non-verbal answers…
-Everyone who has been on a horse, show me a thumbs up.
-Show me how many dogs you have on your fingers.
-Point to the tool that helps shade a cowboy’s eyes when he is riding.
By using non-verbal answers, everyone is involved.  You can still call on a few kids to tell stories or give more in-depth answers, but this is just one way to keep everyone involved and listening. “
Give a food treat (check school policy first.) Kids love snacks and the lesson will stick with them and they will talk about it more.
Draw what a cowboy needs…Your name on your paper is a brand.
Always have a handout to go home with student. Beef Man brochure, recipe, fun activity…then the learning will continue at home and expand to the families.  
Leave an activity for the teacher.  She/he will appreciate a lesson plan, work sheet or brochures for follow-up.  If you leave a class set, already copies, it might become the perfect filler activity when the class has a few extra minutes.
After you Leave – send the teacher a note thanking them for inviting you to their classroom.  Include a reminder to put you on the calendar for next year.
Next was Animal Ag Alliance with Emily Meridith, communications director (but a poor speaker.) ANCW joined AAA in 2009.
National Beef Ambassador was the committee I attended.
Sept. 27-28, 2013 in Springfield, AR will be the National Competition. The awards will be presented Sat. night instead of at the Sun. breakfast.  Good for us with early flights.  One year Trent Loos and I learned who won when someone emailed or texted him at the airport.
Melanie Fowle shared how CA raised over $10,000 when CA hosted the NBAP, by asking the local ranchers to donate $ 25 or more, and over 100 ranchers responded.  She shared the sponsor letter she sent, also.  A host state is needed in 2014, for the 2015 competition.
The activity reports are needed from the local county Beef Ambassadors as well as the state winners.  It can be filled out on-line.
Changes voted on were: Issues Response for Jr. Contestants, as well as senior.
Issues Response word count increased from 150 to 250 maximum.
Add 10 minute time frame for consumer promotion & media.
Proposed changes – 3 options offered to contestants.
-Classroom –called social media outreach used to promote beef, including a 2 min. or less Youtube video; Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, personal website.
– Coordinated campus events – 4-11, High School or College Campus. How was beef uniquely featured at this event?
-Classroom presentation (no change from past structure).
Break, followed by Legislative Focus Session with Kristina Butts, I was excited to learn she was a National Beef Ambassador from TX in 1996 when a senior in high school.  Texas Tech; got her masters with making ground beef safer.  10 years in Washington DC, and now a NCBA Lobbyist.  She will be the 2013 Legislative Chairman for ANCW.
NCBA in Washington DC needs personal stories, since they are looking at new ways to communicate about beef to the 84 new house members and  __ new Senators.  Drought, Animal Drug user fee, Clean Water Act, other tax issues, since issues in Washington DC affect all of us.
The Legislative Conference will be April 16-18, 2013, and the staffers are very important in the Congressional offices.  Get involved because we need more cattlewomen and cattlemen involved in legislature.
I never caught the name of the young woman who spoke about her experiences trying to start a feedlot in Australia for Animal Well Being.
Her message was “Make others aware of how animal activists operate”.
1.       Private Property owners must be the ones to be alert.
2.      Fight centralized planning establishments, protect private property.
3.      Improvements in animal care happen because of private ownership, not in spite of it.
4.      “I’m not doing anything wrong, so I have nothing to hide, and so I will cooperate with everyone”.
They lost everything, and their young foreman committed suicide when they were stopped every time they applied for permits.  Have returned to a TX feedlot.
A suggestion for the next meeting is to have handouts, with names of the speakers, instead of bare outline.