CCW at ANCW in Tampa Bay, Florida Part 1

To continue with Tues. Feb 5thPresidents Council was 5:15-6:15 p.m. 22 state presidents were present, and ANCW vice president Patti Buck presided.  The state presidents were asked to work with their state beef councils endorsing the National Beef Cook-Off, because with our new cook-off is reaching the consumers by social media, and creative recipe categories.
Also, send in reports to ANCW with number reached, total volunteer hours, total media audience reached, in the fields of Youth Education, Beef Promotion, Media activity, Legislative activity.  You will be surprised at the hours you donate to the beef community.
We were told that paid demonstrators are used because stores want a $ 5 million insurance policy when beef is demonstrated.  State presidents reported what was happening in their states.
After a full day of meetings, the State Affiliate and ANCW Membership Marketing Agreement was introduced to a roomful of bewildered and tired women near the conclusion of the President’s Council.
The 2nd annual ANCW Foundation Benefit Dinner with Trudy Cooper, co-founder of Outback Steakhouse, plus a retro western wear style show hosted by FL CattleWomen was a great finale to opening day.  Cooper gave a Florida welcome at one of the general sessions with NCBA.
Wed. Feb 6, 8 a.m. was the Membership meeting with suggestions: a)Send a letter to new state members, with the benefits of joining ANCW. b) Get the ANCW newsletter to many people so they can see what we do. (The printing isn’t much, what costs is the postage.  So each state will need to pay postage for extra copies.) c) Local units can join as an Associate for $ 100, or the local unit can join their president as a member for $ 50.
We have national recognition for our promotion and education efforts and we talk to the consumers.  “Go home, and write an article about what we do.”
Get more information to the local units; make phone calls and invite them to join ANCW.   Share your E-News with non-members.  Z Tags will give 300 custom ear-tags per state. Your president knows the details.   ANCW will make a Join ANCW slick for your newsletters. 1 / 4 page size.
Communications Committee with Marie Pyeatt, chair.  Electronic News can be sent with only text, no graphics, for those on phone line.  The website will be updated and revamped by Gretchen Groseta and Desta Crawford with help from cattlewomen with website experience like Brenda Black.     Mona Pyler was looking for graphics and found little free stuff.  It was suggested that state coloring books be collected since they already have graphics done.
Melissa Laurent will begin helping with Facebook.  Recommended to Ex. Com. A webinar tutorial for presidents, to share on ANCW and state websites.   It would include a check off list so midyear and annual convention is not so confusing.  (ie: the silent auction at midyear, and state contribution to auction.)
The Executive Committee met and heard the recommendations from the committees.
Beef Education – Rebecca Been.  Create a triannual newsletter for teachers and members.  Rebecca has one ready to be used at no cost, currently linked to CA  standards.  She needs a teacher email data base.   Right now it is primary level K-6.
Beef Edu. -Barbara Jacques – –April 22 is Earth Day, and tool kit is available. Each state has 25 teacher packets.  Be sure to get school approval first.  Can be downloaded off website, and has suggestions available for activities.
Legislative – Kristina Butts – – passed out a form to elevate awareness of issues ranchers are facing, from a true producer.  ***The sheet will be on next e-news to give her a data base.  Please fill out the form, telling where these rules will impact your ranch.    April 15-17 is Spring Leg. Conference in Washington DC.
Membership – Desta Crawford reported for Wanda Pinnow – – To encourage membership and participation starting March 1, 2013 to next year,  increase membership 1% and use the cattlewomen activity sheet.  Approve the concept of the State Affiliate and ANCW Marketing Agreement.
National Beef Ambassador– Geneice McCall – – Add issues response for Juniors.  Increase to 250 words in Issues Response.  The seniors can choose one of 3 categories.
-Classroom –called social media outreach used to promote beef, including a 2 min. or less Youtube video; Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, personal website.
– Coordinated campus events – 4-11, High School or College Campus. How was beef uniquely featured at this event?
-Classroom presentation (no change from past structure).
National Beef Cook-Off.  Evelyn Brown had 5 media interviews this morning for recipe entry generation.  We need to get it posted in local papers.
Budget – The emergency bylaws change created an opening on committee. D’dee Haynes and Tammi Didlot visited Powder River, livestock handling equipment, and Powder River has donated a chute for ANCW this year.
By-Laws – Wendy Pettz – The emergency bylaws for vice president, applicant must have two years as a committee chair and 1 year as a state president.
Funding Development – Faustine Curry has developed a 2013 Sponsorship Opportunity Package of 3 pages.
Communications – Marie Pyeatt recommended a) website update b) need webinars and video tutorial for state presidents.  c) presentations outline at meetings.
Suggested a job for Presidents Council is to develop “New President Tool Kit”.
Nominating Committee – Jill Ginn announced the following. President – Elect Patti Buck, Ignacio, CO;  Vice-President Melanie Fowle, Etna, CA;  Board of Directors – 3 yr – Ashley Hughes, Kissimmee, FL.  Exec. Comm. approved: Vickie Wilkenson, Chino Valley, AZ to ANCW Foundation as a member. ANCW Recording Secretary – Gretchen Groseta, – Cottonwood, AZ.  ANCW Parlimentarian – Linda Brake, –  Scottsdale, AZ.
The logo facelift, Barbara Jackson reported a committee is working on it, and will report at midyear.
Fita Witte reported the next issue of the ANCW History is nearing press time.  Prepaid orders were suggested to help with expenses.   Judy Ahmann suggested looking into grants, since it is a history book.  Ahmann will investigate sources.
Lunch and Board of Directors to follow.  These were my notes of the meetings, as you have guessed. Jean Barton